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Why choose Broth3rs

Broth3rs idea is to offer an Italian and traditional cuisine, made of original tast and capable of putting the seasonality and naturalness of the products at the centre, offering them directly and sincerely.

We believe in the quality of the ingredient, in the taste of a dish and in the truth of a smile. Our cuisine is like us, sincere and energetic, with our feet firmly planted on the ground (the great Italian technique) and with our gaze towards the horizon. Come in, sit down, have fun ...

  • Unique Italian flavour...
  • Aniversary, Birthday's Party...
  • Come in, sit down, have fun ...

The Broth3rs cellar is full of choices. We try to enhance a variety of wines with a careful selection, giving ample space to the wines of Italy and to the natural and organic wines, produced with respect for the environment. Here you can choose whether to have the entire bottle or a single glass.

Broth3rs Awards

Believing in pizza is our only philosophy. Believing in the highest quality of raw materials, in the attention to the maturation processes of the dough, in the constant research for the proposal of wines and beers and in the centrality of the customer experience.

If visit Italy

Here you will learn about the most common different types of eateries in Italy. When it comes to eating, Italians have a place for every occasion.

Traditional osterie in Italy are all but extinct these days.

A true osteria was a small, bar-like establishment back in the time of coal mining and Italian industrialism that had one or two communal tables available for siting down to eat. Osterie were locales where hungry workmen would come by between noon and two o’clock to get a plate of pasta and wine or a sandwich for the road. In some cases, osterie didn’t serve food but permitted you to bring a packed lunch, drink some wine and socialize.

Trattorie are a step up from osterie in terms of class.

They more closely resemble a ristorante in their size and style of service, they offer a more extensive menu of rustic and traditional foods, but unlike ristoranti, trattorie are typically family run and specialize in home-cooked food.

Ristorante is the word for restaurant, and it signifies the full-service dining establishment that we generally think of when the word comes to mind.

Ristoranti are prized as the higher-end food businesses in Italy, you won’t be able to call in for take out but you can expect to sit at the table and pay a coperto to do so. You will be served bread, covered under the cost of this coperto, and will be brought bottles of carbonated or natural water. A ristorante will have an extensive menu with antipasti, primi, secondi, contorni, and dolci.

The English word for pasticceria is bakery or pastry shop

An Italian pasticceria is a type of cafe that produces and serves sweet and savory pastries, brioches, croissants and the like. Some pasticceria will also have fresh baked breads, meats, cheeses, olives, and wine, depending on the size of the space. At a pasticceria, it’s likely that you will need to place your order at the register, take your receipt and then repeat your order at the counter and turn in your receipt.

A tavola calda, or “hot table”, is less of a type of eatery, and more of an additional piece of cooking equipment at a small food place.

A bar with a tavola calda will offer everything a regular Italian bar offers, but will also have a small selection of pre-prepared hot dishes, usually including a few different pastas, risotto, and a meat or fish choice. Options typically don’t exceed three or four items, and the food is often served cafeteria-style and sometimes charged by weight. As opposed to many regular bars, a tavola calda will usually have a few small tables to sit down at, either inside or outside.

Panino imbottito, or simply panino in Italian means sandwich

So logically a paninoteca is a place where you can buy sandwiches like panini and tramezzino, bread, cold cuts and cheese. Paninotecas are very similar to other establishments such as pasticcerias, but they specifically deal in fresh baked bread and artisanal grains. They quality of ingredients at a a paninoteca is higher than what you would find in a paninaro, but the selection is more limited.

An enoteca is a wine bar, or a bar where the only alcohol served is wine.

In any given enoteca, you’ll find a generous selection of whites and (predominantly) reds from the local area and, depending on the size of the bar, they might also stock some imported wines as well as a very small menu of appetizers. An enoteca is a nice place to get a glass of wine and a snack before dinner, but keep in mind that most of them are too small to offer big apperitivi. If you stop by an enoteca in the evening, plan on having a substantial dinner afterwards, you can’t let yourself go hungry in Italy!

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Every Day from 12noon to 4pm

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add dessert for £4.00

Food underpins our very being. Life is too short not to experience, enjoy and excite when cooking and exploring the wealth of ingredients on our doorstep.

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